• Image of Reiki I Healing Intuitive Workshop in Moranbah 3rd May 2020

Reiki is an ancient Universal Healing Method, ‘Universal life force energy’.
Reiki allows you to heal yourself and others also animals and the universe
Reiki can recharge your energy levels; it is subtle and deeply relaxing, healing the body, mind and spirit.
Reiki is a very simple yet very powerful technique that allows us to tap into and channel universal energy; enabling us to become happier and healthier.
Reiki is effective in the treatment and health of all mankind, animals, and plants.
Reiki will shine a new light on your life!

Reiki I
Level One Reiki attunements open and align your energies with that of the Universal Life Force.
These wonderful energies allow you to become a Reiki channel for life and enable you to perform healing on yourself and others.

During this workshop you will:
• Be given a short history of Reiki
• Receive attunements to open the Reiki energies
• Be shown a full body Reiki treatment
• Receive A Reiki manual
• Receive A Certificate
• Also Receive some of Penny’s other healing knowledge and experience intertwined into treating yourself and others.
• Have fun with other like mined people forming friendships that last a lifetime.
• Penny’s courses are taught in a fun caring environment to lean and grow.
• Morning & Afternoon tea provide Lunch is your own responsibility.

For inquiries Call Penny 0419 034 190
Book online at the bottom of this form.

This training is available anyone wishing to use In there everyday life.

All Workshops are offered as group sessions or on an individual basis

Seichim is offered with all Reiki Master Workshops or anyone who has done Reiki

Where: 9 Ney St
What to Bring
Wear Comfortable Clothing
Your lunch or there is shops nearby
A smile
Pen and Paper Journal

Children’s Reiki attunments and children’s Manual are available as small groups on request

Level I $60 per child
Level II $60 per child